Collection: Diffuser Care Instructions

Time has been spent researching & developing our products using natural, cruelty free & sustainable ingredients.
All Diffusers have been lovingly crafted and hand poured in Leicestershire, UK
We hope you enjoy your fragrance choice and they go on to create loving and happy memories.
How to enjoy your Diffuser in 5 easy steps
  1. SELECT YOUR FAVOURITE - We hope there is a scent for every room & every occasion.
  2. REMOVE LID & REEDS - They may smell good BUT please DO NOT DRINK and Keep out of the reach from children & animals.
  3. PLACE REEDS IN THE LIQUID - Take reeds out and place into the container, WASH HANDS immediately.
  4. ENJOY SAFELY - Protect your surface! Place on a mat or base. Can cause damage if placed directly on polished surfaces, soft surfaces & leather.
  5. KNOW WHEN TO REFILL, RECYCLE or REPLACE. When the bottle is empty, bin the reeds, if in the area, return the bottle to the shop where we will safely recycle or dispose of, alternatively - please dispose in your recycling bin.

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