Collection: Wax Melt care Instructions

Time has been spent researching & developing our products using natural, cruelty free & sustainable ingredients.
All Wax Melts have been lovingly crafted in Leicestershire, UK
We hope you enjoy your fragrance choice and they go on to create loving and happy memories.
How to enjoy your Wax Melts in 5 easy steps.
  1.  REMOVE - All packaging, any decoration, loose labels & ribbons before burning your wax melts.
  2. PLACE ON A SUITABLE WAX MELT CONTAINER - BURN within sight, keep away from flammable objects.
  3. BURN IT SAFELY - If using tea lights, Keep away from draughts, Never leave it unattended whilst lit. Keep away from children & pets.
  4. CHANGING YOUR WAX - Warm wax up in tray, let the wax become warm BUT NOT hot, use kitchen towel or similar disposal tissue, clean the tray of excess wax, rinse tray with soapy water and dry before using a new melt.

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